OWASP DC Meeting for February

Sorry for the short notice, OWASP DC hasn’t had a meeting in months, but there’s an (irregularly) scheduled one tomorrow:

OWASP DC/MD February 2008 — 6 PM

Grant Thorton
333 John Carlyle St
Alexandria, VA 22314

For those of you who attended Refresh DC when it was at the Motley Fool, this is in the same office complex (I suspect it’s the next building around the curve from where the Fool offices are).

Topics are to include a discussion of how web application security is changing an attackers mindset, and how attacks are involving to use web applications to attack far more than the web. General melee discussion will most likely ensue after — I know that I intend on bringing up random js and the end of year flash vulnerabilities.

Come by if you can make it — it’s just a few blocks from the King Street Metro.

Next month’s should be more regularly scheduled, and up at the Aspect Security offices in Columbia MD. Drop me a line if you are not on the OWASP mailing lists and want to be reminded of that one as well.

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