Refresh DC Presentation

As promised I have uploaded a copy of the presentation. We will also be forwarding a copy to Jason to be placed on the Refresh DC website.

I’d like to thank everyone who attended and I hope you all got something out of the presentation. If you have any questions feel free to stop by and ask us.

And as a personal aside: This makes my first ever blog post. w00t!

Edit — the presentation is available here as a PDF, or you can view it on Adobe’s Share site here (though there are conversion issues with images on the title page).

  1. Zvi Band says:

    Doug/Mark – Thank you for presenting at Refresh! While I’ve heard similar flavors of this content before (I do IA work as well), it’s usually targeted towards enterprise developers. It’s great that you two felt it was important enough to give this to this audience, who can integrate it into their consumer-facing applications.

  2. Doug Wilson says:

    @Zvi — thanks! We feel it’s important to give the information to anyone who is developing websites. The next “big thing” is more likely to come from humble beginnings in many ways, rather than necessarily come from big corporations.

    I like to think that the tide is changing in the large gap between how security people and development folks think, and part of our “mission” is to live somewhere in the middle and reach out to both sides.

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  5. coole neue Kino Filme hier downloaden…

    Wo kann ich filme downloaden?…

  6. Mark says:

    I hope I understood you, my German is rusty.

    You can’t get a copy of the video, because there was no video, sorry.

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